Saturday, 22 October 2011

Zoo Kid

Zoo Kid or Archy Marshall to his family, is from Southeast London and was born in 1994 which would make him 17 years a boy. Now that the boring stuff is over with lets start on the music.

The sound is a cross between Jamie T, Pete Doherty, Laura Marling and Lightseed Champion with its unpolished poetic feel. His look is a mix between Mick Jones, Le Roux, Bros with a 90's raver dress sense. The songs are raw and chilled with simple riffs and dramatic pause for effect uhhhh....pauses.

His debut single, Out Getting Ribs is a thought provoking insight into a 17 year old boys life growing up in the big smoke. The track was recorded and mixed in his bedroom with his friends Francis North and Thelonius McCabe, hmmm nice middle class eastender names. Another product of the Brit School ready to burst out onto the scene.

Zoo Kid is a welcomed edition to an ever deteriorating live music scene, with the Xfactor focused nation taking over its refreshing to see an original artist making some daring moves at such a young age. I only wish I'd have chased my passions as a child....thanks for that Archy, depressed now!!!!!


If you like what you hear then buy the dam record and support music.

The Jo Whiley Music Show

I checked out the premire of The Jo Whiley Music Show last night or as im now calling it The Noel Gallagher Show.

Last nights guests were , Ricky Wilson (Keiser Chiefs), Julian Lennon and.....oh yeah the shy recleus known as Noel Gallagher. During the show they (Jo and Noel) disscussed Nirvana's Nevermind album, Xfactor, drugs and holidays these topics led onto numerous Gallagher stories of how great Oasis were/ are and how they changed music forever. The other guests might aswell not have turned up as every comment made was over turned with a story topper about how his daughter is best friends with Paul Wellers daughter and other such awesomeness blah blah blah.
The show also featured live performances from Finley Quaye rip off Maverick Sabre (Kidding of course) and T.E.E.D.

I sound very negitive but thats just my way, its actually good to have another music show on tv at the moment im running out of things to complain about, for example why are all music related programmes on after 11pm.....its not like there all full of murder and other such gasp causing things!!! Back to the point this show with the right guests could be worth while tuning into each week for example Corey Taylor, Jack White and  julian casablancas now theres a disscussion worth watching, Ohhh the stories!!!

The show is aired every Thursday at 9:30pm for half an hour on Sky Arts 1, check it out.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


A six month much needed finger rest and I'm back with a tribe!!!

First thing i thought when i saw this band was Robert Smith, anyone else? No just me then! Not only does the lead singer look the spitting image of him but they kind of sound like them, as well as many other bands. Comparisons over! unless a band is ripping another more successful band off i don't really like to compare, a band should be there own....and this one truly in has its own sound, thought id clear that up.

And now for the knowledge part, Tribes are a British four piece rock band from Camden in London. They released their first EP called We Were Children in 2011. It includes the songs, "We Were Children", "Coming Of Age", "Girlfriend" and an acoustic version of "We Were Children". The band performed a session at the BBC Maida Vale studios as part of the BBC Introducing project. Tribes are whispered to play Underage Festival and Field Day Festival in Victoria Park, London in August 2011.

OK now that were done with that incy mincey bit of information. I say incy mincey ONE - because i like the phrase and TWO - because the band really haven't disclosed that much information about themselves, other than they are from Camden and they don't believe in having a Myspace. The Myspace thing could prove very beneficial to fans as they will need to gig more to raise awareness of the band!!!

Here are a few juicy videos to get in the tribal mood, firstly there debut single "We were children"

Did you enjoy that well check out these tour videos their Gorge!

On tour with Mystery Jets,

And finally Paris tour

And now your part of the Tribe, pass us your lip!!!

Good day too you!!!

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Brit's 2011

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

Thank you Walter, Now I'm not saying that anyone ever doubted or said that Laura Marling couldn't do it but I like the thought of causing possible controversy straight off the bat. All I can say is "About Bloody Time" I'll leave it there, Congrats Laura its well deserved! Laura was presented with her award by The Great Boy George who was clearly surprised saying "WOW" before announcing the win. It's refreshing to see someone win for creating good honest no thrills or gimmicks music, very rare these days. Not a leotard in sight! Other artists nominated in the category of Best British Female Solo Artist were - Cheryl Cole, Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith and Rumer.

Tinie Tempah (pictured above) missed out to Plan B for the Best British Male Solo Artist award, but this didn't dampen his spirits as he went on to take Best British Breakthrough Act and Best British Single, beating - Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons, The XX and Rumer.

Best British Group was taken home by Take That, why Robbie entered the stage at a different entrance god only knows. Did the Shabba shouting piss anyone else off? What a K**B. Take that beat the likes of - Biffy Clyro, Gorillaz, Mumford & Sons and The XX, proving to dad's all over the world that there's still time to stick it to da kids.

The folk 4 piece Mumford and Son's beat the likes of Plan B, Take That, The XX and Tinie Tempah to win the MasterCard British Album of the Year award.

International Male Solo Artist was captured by Cee Lo Green beating Bruce Springsteen, David Guetta, Eminem and Kanye West.

The Beautiful Barbadian Rihanna hip charged the likes of Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Robyn out of the competition to win Best International Female Solo Artist.

The Highly touted Justin Bieber beat Bruno Mars, The Cast of Glee, The National and The Temper Trap winning the International Breakthrough Act.

Both International Group and International Album were rightfully taken by Arcade Fire coming up trumps against the likes of Kings Of Leon, Vampire Weekend and Eminem.

The Critics Choice award went to a very deserved Jessie J. And Finally, Best British Producer went to Markus Dravs.

I shall leave you now with a link to my favourite Laura Marling song "Ghosts" enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Funeral Party

I believe its called a wake!

Funeral Party, a working class five-piece Punk Rock band formed park side in East Los Angeles. The band consist of 4 members Chad Elliott (Vocals and Keyboards), James Torres (Guitar), Kimo Kauhola (Bass) and Tim Madrid (Keyboard and Percussion).

Photo By Jeremy Adams
Funeral Party's sound can be likened to bands such as At the drive in, Mars Volta and the UK's very own Dananananaykroyd. What's great about this band and what also sets them apart from the competition is the spirit and energy of a group of working class kids borrowing guitars and making it up as they go along, very refreshing. You've only got to look at the way they play their instruments in live performances to see how passionate they are about the end product. They have the potential to tap into many sub-genres with their sound, look and energy. With many American bands at the moment floating over to our waters to find recognition Funeral Party have the potential to go home with a whole island of fans.

Lars Stalfors (engineer for Mars Volta) invited the band to record in Volta’s studio, From this chance meeting came a song called "Chalice" which destroyed ear drums in East L.A's underground youth scene. The Volta influences are clearly imprinted on Party's sound and the boys have many years ahead of them to perfect that new age slightly more comercial (loved by All) "At The Drive In" Sound.

Sorry had to add yet another picture, Loving Jeremy Adams photography.
If you like what you hear then check out the attached Youtube footage.

(Thanks as always to Youtube and Myspace)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Joy Formidable

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy deep in my heart,

The Joy Formidable, a three piece rock band from North Wales. The Formidable ones currently reside in London, Engerland. Members of the band include Ritzy Bryan (lead vocals, guitar) Rizzo to her nearest and dearest friends, Rhydian Dafydd (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Matt Thomas (drums, percussion).

Rizzo and Rhydian played together in various bands such as "Tricky Nixon" and "Sidecar Kisses", before destiny led them back to Mold....."Pause (Apparently Mold is a place in Wales) Continue" form The Joy Formidable. Their music has been described by world acclaimed best blogger types as Epic, charming rock, Arcade Fire esc with a hint of possibly Metric or the subways, mainly because both bands have blonde bob cut women in them, not unlike The Joy.

"The Big Roar" is on sale right now, Right Now! Get it!
The Big Roar Ultimate Fan Limited Edition Boxset consisting of - The Big Roar album, bonus CD "It's Just A World Apart" with six extra tracks, two DVDs, including their entire live set in May 2010 at the Mercury Lounge, music videos, commentaries, and behind-the-scenes, a signed authenticity certificate and an exclusive enamel badge. If all that wasn't enough the first 300 copies also get a piece of Ritzy's smashed guitar. Sadly the aforementioned is now sold out, Pissed off? Me too!

Lucky Bastards!!!

If you like what you hear then check out the bands official website and the video links below.

(Thanks as always too Wikipedia and Youtube)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

NYE Fool....I Mean Foal!

I Ain't Gettin On No Plane Foal!

Propelled to the stage by a Roar of pimpled teens and one slightly inebriated 28 year old hairy bear like character (Me) are 5 pint sized Rockers. Far from the art splattered canvas streets of Oxford, lurk a slightly atmospheric and oddly mysterious group of talented individuals named Foals. Tonight they are playing a packed to the rafters HMV Forum in Kentish Town, agreed by lead singer and avid soul collector Yannis Snuffleupagus to be the pinnacle of his career. Yes that's right bigger than being nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2010. What makes this night so special other than having a clearly talented self proclaimed music journalist in the audience is that 2010 is set to evolve into 2011 in one glorious night. I wasn't sure if it was the stench of stale beer in the air or the fact that i was heavily medicated, due to the great xmas man flu of the twenty tens, but i was extremely excited about what was about to happen, Foals playing songs and stuff i mean.

According too a piece of paper found by an individual and posted on Foals Facebook page the set list went something like this - Blue Blood, Olympic Airways, Total Life Forever, Cassius, Balloons, Miami, Afterglow, 2 Trees, Spanish Sahara, Red Sox Pugie, Electric Bloom, One, Hummer, Two Steps Twice...............If that doesn't make you want to cry for not being a part of the night then you are a Foal, Sorry i mean Fool.

Something that i found rather odd at this particular gig or possibly venue is that i managed to make it all the way to the front of the stage. Why have i made this point i hear you think? The answer to this query is that as massive this band have grown to be and small the venue in comparison to the hype, it was relatively roomy maybe that was down to the gig crippling recession we are currently in at the moment or possibly the stink of rail and travel tickets on the rise. Anyway........One of the most memorable moments for me was when Yannis attempted to climb the 50ft (possible exaggeration) speakers at the side of the stage right in front of  me, i say attempt because this did not go as planned. As Yannis clambered onto the first speaker he slipped and the speaker came crashing down to the ground below missing my girlfriend mere inch's (2nd possible exaggeration) it was close though. To cut a long but Awesome story short, he managed to conquer mount speakerton and as he stood gloriously at the top with guitar in hand B@#{L&*A%$£H.......some stupid mushroom hair cutted girl came smashing through myself and girlfriend, "I'm Foals number 1 and only Fan" she seemed to say. I am happy to say that she was swiftly removed by my mini power house bride to be, not really she just scuttled off into the crowd once Yannis resumed position back to front of stage.

Two great things have come from seeing the New Year with Foals, One - My Girlfriend has now become a super fan buying and playing anything that remotely resembles Foals. And Two - I believe i saw that pushy bowl cutted girl throwing up in the street on the way out, I joke of course!

In short summary what a band, what a show and what a way to see in the new year! I dare you not to be impressed by Foals Live. I'd like to finish by asking you a question - The XX or Foals? The answer is clearly Foals, so on that note I'd like to offer this trophy to the real 2010 winners of the Mercury Prize (Nothing against The XX but just think Foals are much better).

I Know its not the right trophy but couldn't find a Mercury Prize Trophy without someones grubby little paws all over it.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Jessie J

She's clearly not a Dude but she'll do it like one!

Coming down to the ring she's the Queen of Essex, The Sound of 2011, The one, The only Jessie J.
Real name Jessica Cornish, 22 year old Jessie J arrived on the main stream music scene in November 2010 after releasing Do It Like A Dude. You can clearly see the West End performer peering through Jessie's un-debatable grimy pop star princess persona. Jessie studied musical theatre at the Brit School which open doorways to her first record deal with Gut Records and interest from the United States.
Jessie was plagued by a mine field of health related problems early in her career, at the age of 18 she suffered a minor stroke which put a pause on her career. Clearly an unstoppable swaggering power house she stepped out from the ever looming shadows to find success as a songwriter for the likes of Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake. She was about to offer the epic track Do it Like a Dude to Rihanna before her record label convinced her to keep it for herself. Jessie has already appeared on Later... with Jools Holland, which incidentally is where i first saw the artist.

A Clear candidate to take over the US in true conquering fashion, Jessie J is one of the most interesting and talented individuals emerging from the UK today. She is clearly a talented MC, singer and i think my friend Justin Timberlake would agree that she is unrivaled in the song writing business. Jessie has the look, the talent and the (try to be cool) swagger, i can see bright lights and a spot next to Jay Z at his next UK venture, If he still has ears and eyes of course.

check out Jessie J's performances and interview on BBC Sound of 2011