Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Funeral Party

I believe its called a wake!

Funeral Party, a working class five-piece Punk Rock band formed park side in East Los Angeles. The band consist of 4 members Chad Elliott (Vocals and Keyboards), James Torres (Guitar), Kimo Kauhola (Bass) and Tim Madrid (Keyboard and Percussion).

Photo By Jeremy Adams
Funeral Party's sound can be likened to bands such as At the drive in, Mars Volta and the UK's very own Dananananaykroyd. What's great about this band and what also sets them apart from the competition is the spirit and energy of a group of working class kids borrowing guitars and making it up as they go along, very refreshing. You've only got to look at the way they play their instruments in live performances to see how passionate they are about the end product. They have the potential to tap into many sub-genres with their sound, look and energy. With many American bands at the moment floating over to our waters to find recognition Funeral Party have the potential to go home with a whole island of fans.

Lars Stalfors (engineer for Mars Volta) invited the band to record in Volta’s studio, From this chance meeting came a song called "Chalice" which destroyed ear drums in East L.A's underground youth scene. The Volta influences are clearly imprinted on Party's sound and the boys have many years ahead of them to perfect that new age slightly more comercial (loved by All) "At The Drive In" Sound.

Sorry had to add yet another picture, Loving Jeremy Adams photography.
If you like what you hear then check out the attached Youtube footage.

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