Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Jo Whiley Music Show

I checked out the premire of The Jo Whiley Music Show last night or as im now calling it The Noel Gallagher Show.

Last nights guests were , Ricky Wilson (Keiser Chiefs), Julian Lennon and.....oh yeah the shy recleus known as Noel Gallagher. During the show they (Jo and Noel) disscussed Nirvana's Nevermind album, Xfactor, drugs and holidays these topics led onto numerous Gallagher stories of how great Oasis were/ are and how they changed music forever. The other guests might aswell not have turned up as every comment made was over turned with a story topper about how his daughter is best friends with Paul Wellers daughter and other such awesomeness blah blah blah.
The show also featured live performances from Finley Quaye rip off Maverick Sabre (Kidding of course) and T.E.E.D.

I sound very negitive but thats just my way, its actually good to have another music show on tv at the moment im running out of things to complain about, for example why are all music related programmes on after 11pm.....its not like there all full of murder and other such gasp causing things!!! Back to the point this show with the right guests could be worth while tuning into each week for example Corey Taylor, Jack White and  julian casablancas now theres a disscussion worth watching, Ohhh the stories!!!

The show is aired every Thursday at 9:30pm for half an hour on Sky Arts 1, check it out.

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