Wednesday, 12 January 2011

NYE Fool....I Mean Foal!

I Ain't Gettin On No Plane Foal!

Propelled to the stage by a Roar of pimpled teens and one slightly inebriated 28 year old hairy bear like character (Me) are 5 pint sized Rockers. Far from the art splattered canvas streets of Oxford, lurk a slightly atmospheric and oddly mysterious group of talented individuals named Foals. Tonight they are playing a packed to the rafters HMV Forum in Kentish Town, agreed by lead singer and avid soul collector Yannis Snuffleupagus to be the pinnacle of his career. Yes that's right bigger than being nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2010. What makes this night so special other than having a clearly talented self proclaimed music journalist in the audience is that 2010 is set to evolve into 2011 in one glorious night. I wasn't sure if it was the stench of stale beer in the air or the fact that i was heavily medicated, due to the great xmas man flu of the twenty tens, but i was extremely excited about what was about to happen, Foals playing songs and stuff i mean.

According too a piece of paper found by an individual and posted on Foals Facebook page the set list went something like this - Blue Blood, Olympic Airways, Total Life Forever, Cassius, Balloons, Miami, Afterglow, 2 Trees, Spanish Sahara, Red Sox Pugie, Electric Bloom, One, Hummer, Two Steps Twice...............If that doesn't make you want to cry for not being a part of the night then you are a Foal, Sorry i mean Fool.

Something that i found rather odd at this particular gig or possibly venue is that i managed to make it all the way to the front of the stage. Why have i made this point i hear you think? The answer to this query is that as massive this band have grown to be and small the venue in comparison to the hype, it was relatively roomy maybe that was down to the gig crippling recession we are currently in at the moment or possibly the stink of rail and travel tickets on the rise. Anyway........One of the most memorable moments for me was when Yannis attempted to climb the 50ft (possible exaggeration) speakers at the side of the stage right in front of  me, i say attempt because this did not go as planned. As Yannis clambered onto the first speaker he slipped and the speaker came crashing down to the ground below missing my girlfriend mere inch's (2nd possible exaggeration) it was close though. To cut a long but Awesome story short, he managed to conquer mount speakerton and as he stood gloriously at the top with guitar in hand B@#{L&*A%$£H.......some stupid mushroom hair cutted girl came smashing through myself and girlfriend, "I'm Foals number 1 and only Fan" she seemed to say. I am happy to say that she was swiftly removed by my mini power house bride to be, not really she just scuttled off into the crowd once Yannis resumed position back to front of stage.

Two great things have come from seeing the New Year with Foals, One - My Girlfriend has now become a super fan buying and playing anything that remotely resembles Foals. And Two - I believe i saw that pushy bowl cutted girl throwing up in the street on the way out, I joke of course!

In short summary what a band, what a show and what a way to see in the new year! I dare you not to be impressed by Foals Live. I'd like to finish by asking you a question - The XX or Foals? The answer is clearly Foals, so on that note I'd like to offer this trophy to the real 2010 winners of the Mercury Prize (Nothing against The XX but just think Foals are much better).

I Know its not the right trophy but couldn't find a Mercury Prize Trophy without someones grubby little paws all over it.

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