Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sleigh Bells

The sound of Sleigh Bells is in the air, it must be Christmas time,

An awesome American version of our beloved Ting Tings, Sleigh Bells are a noisy American pop boy 'n' girl combo. The group released their debut album (Treats) in May 2010. Coming straight out of Brooklyn NY with a combined weight of 300lbs Sleigh Bells are fronted by the silky smooth, aggressive Alexis Krauss and the behind the scenes man/ upfront guitar wielding maniac Derek Miller AKA the brains of the operation (songwriter, guitarist, producer). A brief in site into the duo's past points us in the direction of "Poison the Well", where Derek played guitar as guitarist. Alexis on the other hand had a very fluffy wuffy past as a member of a teen pop group called "Rubyblue", she also appeared in a Nickelodeon Magazine commercial. You should be ashamed of yourself Alexis!! That's not Rock 'n' Rolls baby! The duo met and formed in 2008, legend has it that Alexis's mum kicked the whole thing off with a chance meet and greet in a Brazilian restaurant. I like to think the story went exactly like this (possible slight fabrication)......A down and out former rock star called Derek was waiting tables at a Brazilian restaurant called "Miss Favela" when he stumbled upon two hotties, whilst he was mentioning (to the hotties) that he was looking for a female vocalist to work with on a musical project; Alexis's gobby mother immediately stuck her nose into Derek's conversation and sold her daughter to the project for mere pennies, she has since been claiming royalties from the groups worldwide success. For the purpose of law and truth telling blah blah blah this did not happen, but it went something like that. The terrifying twosome are signed to M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Recordings and Mom + Pop Recordings.

Every time i hear the track "Tell Em" i automatically think of the Michael Jackson video Black or White when Macaulay Culkin is dancing in his bedroom and then his dad comes up stairs and sh*ts on his party, Macaulay then sets up his amps and with a massive F you to his dad, or evil step dad as i like to assume, strums his guitar and destroys the whole house with loudness ha ha ha aha ha aha ah....Awesome!

I've just bought my copy of "Treats" mere minutes ago for the grand sum of £5 (HMV Online), that's the equivalent of a penny sweet these days. If you've got some change floating around in your pocket, purse or strange pouch located in men's swimming trucks, whats that all about? Then get it out and purchase this album now!

As always i have trawlled through Youtube and found some links to some great associated video's, Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

We Are Mona (The Band)

I have frustratingly titled this, We Are Mona (The Band)

Why you ask? firstly, Stop talking to yourself in your head its dangerous, Secondly! Well.....there is no secondly, the reason i have done this is because Mona is the most commonly named song, band, food, animal, mineral, disease etc, etc, etc in the entire universe. Don't try and research this you will only find out that i am correct. Finding information on this band has been an arduous task, don't ask me what arduous means because I'll just stare at you uncomfortably until you get bored and walk off. After many hours i struck gold, Triumph!!! An actual understandable, sense making, journalist type individual wrote this........its just below this, look down.......Now....

Mona are an indie rock band originally from Dayton, Ohio, now located in Nashville, Tennessee. They play romantic rock n' roll songs for the 'city folk'. Their single ‘Listen To Your Love’ was recorded in their basement and was released on their own Zion Noiz recordings which came out in the United Kingdom on September 13th 2010. The band comprise of Nick Brown (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Vince Gard (drums), Zach Lindsey (bass), Jordan Young (guitar). The band have been so keen to keep their debut material under wraps that rather than sending it out to journalists to review, they played it down the phone to them.

The above was Stolen from: The Guardian - New Band of the Day, I have chosen to highlight and underline this as i am not going to prison for plagiarism again, I'll never go back there, swapping PlayStation's for trainers is crazy!!!!

I saw Mona on Later Live With Jools Holland preforming amongst power houses such as Robert Plant, Arcade Fire and Adele, who if i may add sang a single from her new album "Someone Like You" due for release in January, what an amazing song. Back to the titled band, whilst being sandwiched between the Godly ex-front man of Led Zep and the thousand member strong Arcade Fire, Mona really hold their own amongst the overlords of everything that is rock.

Please check out the Youtubious video's and judge for yourselves, I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

Had to sneak the Adele track in here, sorry if your not a fan but its a great track!