Wednesday, 10 August 2011


A six month much needed finger rest and I'm back with a tribe!!!

First thing i thought when i saw this band was Robert Smith, anyone else? No just me then! Not only does the lead singer look the spitting image of him but they kind of sound like them, as well as many other bands. Comparisons over! unless a band is ripping another more successful band off i don't really like to compare, a band should be there own....and this one truly in has its own sound, thought id clear that up.

And now for the knowledge part, Tribes are a British four piece rock band from Camden in London. They released their first EP called We Were Children in 2011. It includes the songs, "We Were Children", "Coming Of Age", "Girlfriend" and an acoustic version of "We Were Children". The band performed a session at the BBC Maida Vale studios as part of the BBC Introducing project. Tribes are whispered to play Underage Festival and Field Day Festival in Victoria Park, London in August 2011.

OK now that were done with that incy mincey bit of information. I say incy mincey ONE - because i like the phrase and TWO - because the band really haven't disclosed that much information about themselves, other than they are from Camden and they don't believe in having a Myspace. The Myspace thing could prove very beneficial to fans as they will need to gig more to raise awareness of the band!!!

Here are a few juicy videos to get in the tribal mood, firstly there debut single "We were children"

Did you enjoy that well check out these tour videos their Gorge!

On tour with Mystery Jets,

And finally Paris tour

And now your part of the Tribe, pass us your lip!!!

Good day too you!!!

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