Saturday, 22 October 2011

Zoo Kid

Zoo Kid or Archy Marshall to his family, is from Southeast London and was born in 1994 which would make him 17 years a boy. Now that the boring stuff is over with lets start on the music.

The sound is a cross between Jamie T, Pete Doherty, Laura Marling and Lightseed Champion with its unpolished poetic feel. His look is a mix between Mick Jones, Le Roux, Bros with a 90's raver dress sense. The songs are raw and chilled with simple riffs and dramatic pause for effect uhhhh....pauses.

His debut single, Out Getting Ribs is a thought provoking insight into a 17 year old boys life growing up in the big smoke. The track was recorded and mixed in his bedroom with his friends Francis North and Thelonius McCabe, hmmm nice middle class eastender names. Another product of the Brit School ready to burst out onto the scene.

Zoo Kid is a welcomed edition to an ever deteriorating live music scene, with the Xfactor focused nation taking over its refreshing to see an original artist making some daring moves at such a young age. I only wish I'd have chased my passions as a child....thanks for that Archy, depressed now!!!!!


If you like what you hear then buy the dam record and support music.

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