Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Los Campesinos


Los Campesinos, a seven piece indie pop band from the Welsh'est Welsh of Wales, Cardiff. Formed in early 2006 at Cardiff University, interesting fact for you - none of the band members are actually Welsh.... sorry did i say interesting i meant blahhhh but thought I'd mention it regardless, i mean come on guys you couldn't have even squeezed one tiny Pubhornist in, just to keep the home fans happy? Huh, shame on you, anyways...Their debut album "Hold on Now, Youngster" was released in February 2008. Campesinos second album "Romance Is Boring" was released in February 2010 but was not without its casualties, the band announced on their website that Aleks (Keyboard and Vocals) was to leave the band and return to her studies after their US tour in August. The Campesinos crew released the single "The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future" hmm beautiful, it was to be released as a free download. Giving something back to the people, i like, i like a lot. The video for the song was directed by the band's bassist, Ellen Campesinos.

Campesinos formally announce Aleks successor in the form of lead singer Gareth's sister Kim, having long alien like fingers and the voice of an angel she slipped nicely into the band as the new keyboardist. blah blah blah more facts........If your a fan of Arcade Fire, Dananananaykroyd, Vampire Weekend, Peter, Bjorn & John and all other indie type bands that the youngsters are infatuated by these days (Just messin) then you'll love Los Campesinos. Deserve'ed of a lot more recognition than they currently get, i predict big things in the future so much that i am not going to get my brother to illegally down load "Hold on now youngster" for me. I intend to shell out the £5 price tag Play.com have generously attaching to this epic record....I shall however wait until "Romance is boring" is to match this mark up as i am not a millionaire, £7.99 is too much, TOO MUCH. Cheap Bastard signing out.

Favourite tracks from LC:

The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future

Death to Los Campesinos

(Image borrowed from Pitchfork.com)

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