Monday, 1 March 2010

Manchester Orchestra

After seeing Manchester Orchestra on the TV show "Live from Abbey Road" i felt compelled to dust the cobwebs off my moth filled wallet and buy their new album "Mean Everything to Nothing". If Hard old school Rock whilst not straying to far from your indie roots is your thing then wrap your ear holes around this 5 piece from Atlanta Georgia. Lead singer Andy Hull's voice is likened to a husky Ozzy Osbourne, by who you ask?? By me that's who! The band are currently touring America then off to Germany before setting hoof down in the UK in October where they will be touring the UK and Ireland along side Biffy Clyro. buy your tickets early as I'm sure this band is sure to explode all over the UK.

Best 3 Tracks on the Album (In my opinion):

Tony the Tiger
Everything to Nothing
I Can Feel a Hot One

Check out their live performance on "Myspace Transmission" Via YouTube in particular the single "Everything to Nothing" the Drummer is savage!!!! And vocal harmonies are Awesome, "Ive got friends" and "shake it out"are just as bad ass but "everything to nothing" blew my mind.

(Image and Video borrowed from Google and Youtube)

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