Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wild Beasts

I first caught glimpse of Wild Beasts whilst poodling around on YouTube for new musical talent, i was intrigued by a live video recording of the track "All the Kings Men" from the their second album Two Dancers, the mix of masculine and feminine vocals made me laugh at first and i remember thinking are these guys for real, yes they were! The operatic vocals and melodic beats fuse perfectly to form a crisp and faultless band cautiously sneaking into the indie music scene, "All the Kings Men" could easily become a summer anthem for the midday weekend lager sippers. "Hooting and howling" shows off another weapon in the Beasts arsenal, that being a very edgy Rock like vocal range produced by Hayden Thorpe within the first 30 seconds of track, saying that Ben Little changes things up in a big way during tracks with sometimes using a big deep vocal range and sometimes changing it up mid thought with loud sheiks of controlled power.

I've possibly done this band a grave injustice by making them sound like crazy whaling banshee but that perception is kind of true to an extent, all i can say is check them out for yourself and form your own opinion I'm sure it wont feel like wasted time.

Check out http://www.wild-beasts.co.uk/ for the full listings but hurry as they are already selling out their UK tour which starts tomorrow.

(Image borrowed from Melting Vinyl.com)

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