Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups.......

A future Heavy Weight in the Rock world or at least i like to think they should...ney Need to be regarded as. They hail from the gold plated, sun kissed streets of Los Angeles California.

This Rock 4 piece consists of the following; lead vocalist and guitar player man Brian Aubert, who's slightly cock eyed, meek presents is dwarfed by his rough edgy yet faultless vocals, Nikki Monninger, ex English literature supply teacher look alike backs up Brian with a more gentle Vocal range and also plays her part in rhythm section of the band on bass guitar, Christopher Guanlao, a small left handed man child with a head down Dave Grohl approach to drumming who likes to extend his cymbals to the sky for some crazy arm extending reason, last but by no means least Joe Lester, he plays Keyboard.

The band released their debut EP, Pikul, in July 2005, and their debut full-length album, Carnavas, on July 26th 2006. Their second full length album, Swoon, was released April 14th 2009.

As i reluctantly found out last week Carnavas is the perfect album to listen to (volume low) whilst trying to sleep after a gig in the back of a car, it is also a great album to amp right back up and shake the life back into a car full of selfish snoozers, best of both worlds.

Here are a few video's of the Pickups in action, Enjoy;



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Bears-With-Wings said...

saw them supporting placebo at the o2 last year, they were awesome.