Monday, 15 March 2010

In 2010 Look Out For...

(Image taken from

If your looking at this Blog entry and saying to yourself "This is just a list of tracks" Then firstly stop talking to yourself its Weird and secondly your right, these are some Awesome tracks that will hopefully either make you think "WoW who's this" and lead on to you purchasing the album, making the Artist rich and powerful and then make you say to yourself "That blog i bumped into whilst looking for naked pictures of Audrina Patridge was right these are kick ass Bands/ Artists", Failing that then hopefully it'll just make you think "I know these already" and if that's the case then you need to be out spreading the word because some of these bad boys deserve a little more recognition than just a bob of the head every now and again!!!
Any-whob... Enjoy;

(Thanks to the YouTuber's as always for supplying these great videos)

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