Monday, 1 March 2010

The Maccabees

Where to start Where to start....

I was first introduced to The Maccabees many moons ago by my best friend who was and is still a massive fan, stupidly i refused to succumb to their charm's and didn't even give them a chance. This was partially due to me being a proud warrior like man that does not need other men telling him what is good and what he needs to be wrapping his ear lobs around.

Luckily i discovered them all by myself much later on without the help of any other alpha wanna be males, i did things slightly backwards i bought there newest album first "Wall of Arms" and fell in love with the Massive guitar riffs and intricate drumming patterns, "Seventeen Hands" and "No Kind Words" being my favourite tracks on the album.

After listening to "Wall of Arms" constantly for weeks on end i caught wind of The Maccabees possible appearance at Glastonbury's 2009 Festival, i say "caught wind of" what i actually meant was that my slightly dribbly, drunk, overweight friend (come on we've all got one)spat it into my ear after reading the line up in NME magazine Yummy! With that information securely locked in my mind in the shape of a toffee nodule i set off for Glastonbury in search of my new Favourite band. They were due on stage but i was what felt like a million miles away and was unable to fight my way through the wall of teenagers, there were just too many of them!!! so i enjoyed the set from far far FAR away. They were still amazing but i didn't feel as though i got the full effect of their gig. on my way to see Kasabian on the main stage i stopped in at the phone refueling club where people refueled phone battery, duh, much to my amazement guess who was standing on stage ready to start an unannounced private gig, that's right it were "The Maccabees". Highlight of the Festival was when Felix got what i believe was his little brother "no not Hugo the younger one" to sing whilst they did a cover of The Strokes "Reptilia", it was flawless and seriously awesome, sadly my best friend who tried introducing me to The Maccabees in previous years missed it because he fell asleep watching Kasabian, that'll teach him.

Any who, after returning from the festival i purchased "Colour it in" and was wowed by the colossal awesomeness of it, i much preferred it to "Wall of Arms" both albums having there place permanently embedded in my life forever. In short if you havent heard or just haven't checked out The Maccabees then you need to be slapped HARD!

Check Out:
X-Ray (Colour it in)
Lego (Colour it in)
Mary (Colour it in)
Seventeen Hands (Wall of Arms)
No Kind Words (Wall of Arms)
Love you Better (Wall of Arms)

(Picture and Video Taken by Myself at Glastonbury 2009)

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