Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kevin Devine


Next on the Random Blab list is a very flaky review of a singer songwriter called "Kevin Devine", No ladies he's not a smooth, tall, black, muscular R&B singer that likes to expose his abs at every god given moment, though the name oozes otherwise he's but a mere skinny, white, ginger boy from Brooklyn New York.

I first took notice of this Brooklyn based singer songwriter after trawling through "Manchester Orchestra's" video blogs. On a whim i typed his name into YouTube, after watching him goof around and talk about getting his ass kicked by a fast food employee, i was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was he a singer but he was actually pretty good.

I'm not overly familiar with his music but the tracks i have listened too can be described as (in my weird warped world) Rock, Indie, Folk with a dollop of Political, Melodic, Lyrical Flav. I have attached three video's, two of which have been added to give you an incite as to how cool this guy really is and the other is an awesome live version of a song called "Another Bag of Bones" which is now one of my new favourite songs. if your going to check out but only one new artist this season then beg you kind Sir's make it Kevin Devine, you wont be disappointed.

Kevin is currently touring the US with his fifth album "Brothers Blood" enjoy!

(Picture and Video's supplied but the Juggernauts Google and YouTube)


bad penny said...

Hi Dan !!!!!!! There is no stopping you now !

Jabacue said...

Hey, you come highly recommended! I just may learn a thing or two about music. Good luck!

Tracey said...

Hello Dan, marry Sian please because Penny thinks you make the perfect couple! I'm a bit old for this blog but it looks interesting for the young & funky kinda person! xxx