Monday, 31 May 2010


Country Music Yall.....

Country music is on its way to the UK just in time for our 1 day of summer sunshine, shouldn't be flippant our summer lasts at least a week, anyway where was i....... Ah yes Country Music, Lissie Maurus other wise known by her stage name Lissie, dropping the surname is so in this season, is an American country music artist likened by some people to a modern day Stevie Nicks. Lissie released her debut EP, "Why You Runnin" in 2009 and her debut album, "Catching A Tiger" is Rumoured for release, see what Ive done there Ive slipped in a sneaky Fleetwood Mac comparison, can you spot is? Anyway her debut album is due for release in June 2010.

Lissie's debut EP "Why You Runnin" was produced by none other than Bill Reynolds the string slapper from legendary Country, Rock band "Band of Horses", "Oh Mississippi" was co-written with English singer songwriter Ed Harcourt who has worked with artists such as Jamie Cullum, Yusef Islam, The Streets, New York Fund, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. The first single of the album, "In Sleep", was selected as Track of The Day by Q Magazine.

Lissie isn't just another Country singer she brings a Folk, Rock element to her work and really puts her stamp on the American Folk, Rock wave invading our shore's today. Lissie has real appeal and the fact that she has chosen to favour an electric guitar as apposed to the classic acoustic guitar look donned by so many in her genre invokes real sex appeal for all of the red blooded Folk, Rock lovin men of the world.

Check out these video's and hopefully you'll see what i see;

(Video's and Pic's secretly stolen from Google and YouTube)

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Jabacue said...

Thanks for this. I like her already....listened to both and will look out for her now.