Friday, 28 May 2010

I Blame CoCo

CoCo Sumner,

Beautiful name, sounds like hot chocolate some nerd, delish! I like hot chocolate!

Real name Eliot Pauline Sumner, Band slash alias "I Blame Coco" their/her first album, The Constant is due out this year, and her first single, "Caesar", was released in February.

Back in the early days of days ago when i first heard "I Blame Coco" performing at 2010's Camden Crawl i was amazed at how much they sounded like "The Police", not a police siren that would be rude, after hours of heavy journalistic type researching (Wikipedia) i was shocked, actually shocked is stupid since my first impression was of them sounding like "The Police", anyway back to my thought thread, i was shocked to find out that she was daughter of none other than The Sting himself, this is clearly evident in her vocal style, once you wrap your lobes around my links you will see ney hear this and say "Yes he is right".

Check "I Blame Coco" out for yourself, via the selection of YouTube Video's that i have supplied:

(Pics and Vid's Ripped from YouTube and Google)


Jabacue said...

Yes, you are right!!!! Right off the bat, something sounded very familiar. Thanks for the insight.

bad penny said...

Hey Dan did you see the photos I emailed ?

There are also photos on Jess's facebook of the party she went to on Sat night ....ummm good thing I'm a modern thinking mum !

Jess is going to come to see Blondie with me