Sunday, 6 June 2010

Surf's Up Dude!

There Surfers....Blood

Strutting the streets of Florida comes an interesting and refreshing summer sounding indie 5 piece called Surfer Blood. Still in their early 20s this greasy hoodie wearing indie boy band have been locked away in their smelly university dorm room, venturing out only to stock up on cartons of orange juice and all manor of tasty treats that the crazy young indie folk use to stuff their faces in order to stay awake until the early hours of night stroking their strings, disgusting. In summary they have just finished their new album Astro Coast.

The band comprises of Guitarist and lead singer John Paul Pitts who is considered by no one as the colossal Juggernaut and driving force behind surfer blood, playing with his toms directly behind him is drummer Tyler Schwarz who is widely considered to be the deep thinker of the group, just to the left of him is guitarist and all round ladies man Thomas Fekete, self proclaimed wild man and general trouble maker stands to the right in the form of bassist Brian Black, last but by no means least percussionist Marcos "Crazy hair" Marchesani, there's one in every band!

As you can probably tell by now Surfer Blood still remains a mystery even to me, they are still going through the very early stages of Indie Rock growth, as we all know their journey is just beginning and thanks to me you are privy to their first word. If you like music and you like listening to it (yet another odd line) check out Surfer Blood in my opinion their "totally awsome dude".

(Praise goes out to that god like Buddha YouTube entertaining the young & poor til the end of time)

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bad penny said...

Dan have a great time at the Isle of Wight Festival & look out for Jess !