Friday, 20 January 2012


No not the monkey it’s a band,

I’m not going to begin by regurgitating many boring facts about the band, mostly because I don’t really have any and can’t seem to log onto Wikipedia at the moment. Of course I’m joking there’s no way that I steal facts and pretend that I’m cool enough to know anything about…..anything. All I can say is that, and correct me if I’m wrong which I’m sure you will and have in the past, the band were individually put together by British band the Vaccines lead singer and guitarist Justin Young, they are American, very young, the drummers dad is Prince and they play Rock n Roll. Well now that that’s over. Howler are Led by guitarist/ vocalist Jordan Gatesmith and have been tipped by many industry types as “the next big thing”.

Howler are an American rock n roll band with big riffs and a new take on the old school vocals, a bit like Julian Casablancas.

Any who check out this band and if your ears like what is going into them then like my blog using the like tag thingy.

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