Sunday, 26 September 2010


Tunbridge Wells Forum......

A public toilet lookalike on a dark dark hill in a posh toff town where well known bands such as Gallows, Rolo Tomassi and The King Blues can sip shandy and rub shoulders with some of the new up and coming bands playing along side them at this old school venue, One of those new bands being Onlookers. I was more than grateful to see this band perform last night warming up the stage for another local band called Dogs. Onlookers is a Faversham based band consisting of four young lads, two of which are brothers, Dale Norton Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Callum Norton Drums and Vocals, Jamie Darby Lead Guitar and Keys, and Thomas Ford Bass and Percussion. An English take on blues rock with powerful vocals, commanding stage presence, and faultless live performances propel them from just another support act too a band worthy of headline stardom. Being Onlookers newest self proclaimed honorary band member i vow to use whatever platform necessary to help rocket the guys to ungodly heights.

If you like what you hear or are still on the fence then check out the tracks on Onlookers myspace and performances at Canterbury's Chantry Social Club's Hoochie Coochie night on the bands Facebook page.

(Special thanks as always to Google search engine for pictures)


Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words for Onlookers! Much appreciated, glad you enjoyed the show..

If you want some MP3s drop me an email..

And if you enjoyed that much here's some acoustic recordings on the steps of Paris..

ruairi said...

Hey, they are really cool... original stuff like,good sound, its great!
Keep up the good work!