Sunday, 12 September 2010

At The Drive-In

After watching the 250 million trillion best Later Live with Jools Holland videos last night i stumbled across an All American Rock band that would make Ian Curtis look like Idiana Jones stuck in quick sand. The band were called "At The Drive-In", Hence the title. I say "were called" because they sadly went their separate ways in 2001, before the separation the band were active for 8 years that's 1,2,3,4,5, ah 1993 to 2001 for those of you that are mathematically challenged like my great self. They were known for being extremely energetic and have some of the most unorthodox guitar Melodie's as well as having unpredictable tempo shifts and loud controlled screaming, slightly reminiscent of my old PE Teacher, as well as......."only kidding"! I fell madly deeply head over heels in love with this band the second i saw them, sorry I've just read that back to myself and realised how that statement could be taken out of context, lets get it "straight" i was referring to the way they carry themselves whilst performing a live show, anyway shut up (dam this holes getting deeper, Hello is anyone up there?) At the Drive-In are sometimes by many described as a Prog Rock-Tastic face yankingly great band that should never have died. If you love music and you love listening then put those talents together and listen to this music, by this music i of course mean check out the link that i have attached. If you like some of the cool classic Rock bands such as The strokes, The Nation of Ulysses, sex pistols or even some of the new sounds crossing over to our shores these days like Dananananaykroyd then check out this band, I'd like to finish by saying and i think my friend Tony would agree "Their Grrrrreat".

(Thanks to Youtube and Google Images)

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ruairi said...

Jools Holland is great, I haven't heard of these guys, their cool :-)