Sunday, 19 December 2010

Neon Trees

Mohawks and colorless inert noble gas covered trees....

These 3 components help to form a rock group called "Neon Trees". This American group was Formed by Tyler Glenn (vocals and keys) and Chris Allen (guitar). The band set down roots in Provo, Utah where they recruited Branden Campbell (bass guitar and vocals) and Elaine Bradley (drums and vocals), finely rounding the number up to an even 1,2 carry the 3....4 yes a 4 piece Rock Pop Orchestra. A fifth member known as David Charles occasionally sneaks into the band when touring as keyboardist & additional guitarist sounds. Although the Trees are mega superstars in the local Provo taverns they didn't receive nationwide recognition until 2008 when they opened for The Killers on various American Tour dates. The band are now signed by major record label Mercury Records and released their first actual real big boy album "Habits" in 2010.

The Band have been very busy since 2005 touring with The Killers and 30 Seconds To Mars, headlining the Summer 2010 Bang The Gong Tour with Paper Tongues, MeTalkPretty, and Civil Twilight, performing to 7,000 at Lollapalooza, Their first single "Animal" has climbed to number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the Alternative Rock Chart.

Below is a couple of Youtube links showing off some of the skills the band possess. Most ear and eye catching is the lead singer Tyler Glenn's fashionista style and silky smooth swinging vocals.

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Tashia said...

Glad to see an article about Neon Trees. Right now, they're not on tour, though. They did a few shows in late September/early October with 30 Seconds to Mars again after their successful Spring tour, but so many tour rescheduling forced Neon Trees to go their separate ways from 30STM. They just finished their own headlining tour this past week before they do Jimmy Fallon and a show at Webster Hall in NYC before going on tour in Europe with Angels and Airwaves mid-January and early February.

Dannymar said...

Thanks for the update/ correction thats what happens when you get excited about a band and put a blog out ASAP.

I wont correct the post as people can just view your comment.

Hope you keep viewing my incorrect blogs, haha.